Right Touch Cleaning Services
We Clean Right the First Time

Laundry Cleaning

Busy days always on the go. With Right Touch, do not ruin your
item's of laundry service when you do,
Right Touch is here for you. The freedom of this service, it's 
hassless for  you  dealing with a sufficient
number of hours of properly washing drying your laundry.
 You have to separate your laundry by color,
please do not include any delicate item's that should not be
 machine-washed. Please have your preferred
laundry detergent available for the cleaning staff.

 A very important thing to remember

While Right Touch offers unremarkable laundry service,
we are not able to guarantee that your clothes will not shrink
or discolor. When in doubt, please do not include the item's
 that may be damaged by a regular laundry

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